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Download telegram files faster via IDM?

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

In this post we are going to see that how we can download telegram files faster via IDM. So follow up the steps below but before that let's take a look at what is IDM.

Download telegram files more faster via IDM

What is IDM:

Internet Download Manager is a savage software which helps in resuming direct downloads in simple user interface. It is a must have software for windows. Purposes it serve:

  • Downloading videos from youtube and other social networks.

  • Resuming downloads

  • Grabber project (download with authorization)

  • Making mega downloads safe and secure

  • Sorting downloads into different folders for easy navigation.

  • Downloading multiple files from a webpage with single click.

Now follow the steps below to download the telegram files more faster.

  1. First search this bot in your telegram app " @LinkToFilesBot " and then click on start .

  2. Now forward your file to this bot and you will get a link in few seconds from bot.

Download telegram files more faster via IDM

3. Click on link , then it open up a new page click on download button for download .

4. For faster download use IDM+ . You can download IDM+ from here for free.

5. Install IDM+ and open link in IDM+ (IDM+ has it's own browser) .

6. Now click on Download button .

Download telegram files more faster via IDM

7. It will open up a new window.

Download telegram files more faster via IDM

7. Now click on Start. Your file will begin to download.

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