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Pamela Skillings Big-Interview free for a year

In this article we are going to take a look that how we can get Pamela Skillings Big Interview Course content for free for a year. Big Interview subscription cost 948$ per year for individual and we are providing it for free and also for 1 year, yes you read it right for free. You can check its Pricing here on Big Interview website. But before starting let's first know, what type of content is big interview provide.

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Big Interview curriculum includes:

Interview Basics:

This first module will give you all the information you need on Interview Basics, covering what types of interviews you can expect, what to wear on the big day, how to calm shakey nerves and much more. See below for a full list of the available lessons.

Acing Common Interview Questions:

We’ve curated the most common interview questions that get asked across all industries and teach a proven step-by-step process that ensures you will blow them out of the water. From the all-important “tell me about yourself” to the tricky “what is your greatest weakness?” we’ve got you covered with sample answers, a straight-forward approach, and a blueprint to building your own answers. Behavioral Interview Questions:

Behavioral Questions are those questions that begin with “tell me about a time…” or “give me an example of…” Behavioral questions are meant to get a feel for how skilled you are at certain job competencies. We cover all of the most common behavioral questions in this module, including those on Teamwork, Leadership, and Conflict Resolution. Playbooks for Common Challenges:

Your circumstances may be a little different than the average job seeker. Life deals us all kinds of hands, so we’ve put together these Playbooks for the most common job-seeker challenges, including being a new graduate, transitioning to the workforce from the military, English as a second language, and much, much more. Expand the list of Playbooks below to see how we can help you overcome your unique challenges.

About Big Interview:

Conquer your nerves and land the job by using Big Interview – the only interview training site taught by an actual expert, Pamela Skillings. Whether this is your one shot at your dream job, or you’re tired of going on dozens of interviews but never closing the deal, you know that simply googling “interview tips” won’t really help you.

Developed with Top Interview Coach Pamela Skillings:

Pamela and her team developed Big Interview based on the proven training techniques that have worked for Pamela’s hundreds of one-on-one clients. Each day, Pamela works with individuals to land their dream positions. Her clients range from college students to CEOs.

She is a certified career coach and an adjunct professor at New York University, where she teaches in the graduate and continuing education programs for human resources professionals and career coaches and counselors.

A Unique, Expert Perspective on Interviewing:

Skillful Communications also works with companies to consult on training, development, recruiting, retention, and communications issues. Clients include American Express, the American Management Association, Citigroup, the City of New York, Ernst & Young, and others.

Through her work with both candidates and companies, Pamela can offer a 360-degree perspective on the hiring process and best practices on both sides of the interview. She also has more than 15 years of marketing and communications experience, a background that allows her to apply marketing principles to help her clients “sell” themselves for any job or opportunity.

Steps for accessing Big Interview:

  • Go to the link HERE. You will see a page like this as shown below. After visiting this URL remember it, it will help you in login when you install BigInterview mobile app.

  • Click on 'Register' button and enter your details like name, email address and password as shown in image, then click on 'Create my account'.

  • After that it will show a message like 'Your account has been created', in last line you will see something like 'Visit the Login Page' click on 'Login' and it prompts you to a login form.

  • Enter your mail address and password and click on Sign In.

  • Then it will ask you some information like your Age range, your Gender, your Experience level, your profession, zip code and the country you lived in,  as shown in image below.

  • You can enter any random number in zip code, and in others fields also it doesn't affect at all, then click on 'Save' button. Then it will redirect you to your account where you can watch videos and practice your interview skills by recording videos, Big Interview also has an app you can download it from Google Play store.

That's it for this post, hope you like our it, if you have any recommendations let us know in comments.

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