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Windows 10 Product key for free

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

In this post we are going to look how you can get windows 10 key (education version) which is more feature full then home and pro version (I think) or we can say equivalent to Enterprise version. So, let's take a look how we can get it, before than let's know about it's features and a comparison between home, pro and education version.


From above image we can see that windows education version is more feature full then Home, Pro, and equivalent to Enterprise version, and we are providing a trick so that you can get it for free.

Detailed features of Windows 10 education version:

windows product key for free


AppLocker is the kind of security feature that could make a huge difference in the real world. AppLocker allows you to set rules for which user accounts can run which programs. You just set up a whitelist, ensuring a user account on your computer can only run a handful of safe applications.

App-V and UE-V:

Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) and User Environment Virtualization (UE-V) were previously a separate download for the Enterprise and Education editions of Windows 10. With the Anniversary Update, they’re not integrated directly into these editions of Windows 10 with no additional downloads.

Application Virtualization (App-V) allows system administrators to isolate applications in containers. The App-V client then allows Windows 10 to run those applications in a self-contained virtual environment without a normal installation process. It also allows apps to be “streamed” to a Windows client PC from a server. It has security benefits, and it also enables organizations to better manage access to specific applications. It’s really only useful to larger organizations.

User Environment Virtualization (UE-V) allows users to save their application settings and Windows operating system settings to a virtual environment that follows them as they move between different PCs. As with App-V, this is really only useful to organizations that want to centrally manage their infrastructure. UE-V allows the system state to follow users as they move between different PCs managed by that organization.

Device Guard and Credential Guard:

Device Guard and Credential guard are separate, but related, features. They’re both new in Windows 10.

Device Guard is designed to help secure an organization’s computers. As Microsoft’s Device Guard documentation puts it: “Device Guard on Windows 10 Enterprise changes from a mode where apps are trusted unless blocked by an antivirus or other security solution, to a mode where the operating system trusts only apps authorized by your enterprise. You designate these trusted apps by creating code integrity policies.” Device Guard uses hardware features like Intel VT-x and AMD-V virtualization extensions to harden a computer against attack and ensure only approved code can run. But enterprises have to configure exactly which code is approved.

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Things you need for free product key:

  • A college or school issued mail address, (in this post I am using Community College of Philadelphia mail address), you can also test your legit one, if you don't have a mail address you can get it from this METHOD.

  • These keys are for permanent activation of Education version, so there is no expiry date. You can verify it by running this command in command prompt as administrator, so enjoy it. slmgr /xpr

That's all you need for windows 10 product key. Steps for free key:

  • Go to this LINK. Scroll down, you can see a page like as shown below.

windows product key for free

  • Now enter your college or school details as shown in image below. Details like Country, state, name of college or school, don't select department for now. (As I said I am using Community College of Philadelphia mail address so I am entering those details).

windows product key for free

  • Now click on (Windows 10 free) banner it will redirect you to another page where you will see a Register or Sign In button, click on Register button as shown in image below.

windows product key for free
  • Now you have to enter your college issued mail address and click on Continue button, as shown in image below.

windows product key for free
  • Now they'll send you a verification link in your inbox, you have to verify that and you can create your password there, as shown in image below.

windows product key for free
  • During Sign In I recommend to use VPN for it and Connect VPN to USA, It will help you later.

  • Now go this link HERE, you will see on a sign in button, now sign in your account from there with the mail address and password you just created in above steps as shown in image below.

windows product key for free
  • After login you will see a page like as shown below.

windows product key for free
  • Now click on side banner (Looking for Windows 10). As shown below.

  • After clicking on banner you will see a page like this, as shown.

  • Now click on Add to Cart, as shown.

windows product key for free
  • Because it is free now you can checkout it without any credit card, after checking out you will see a page like this with your Product key, as shown below.

windows product key for free
  • Proper Documentation is given there that how you can activate your product key.

  • Congrats now you have Windows 10 version equivalent to Enterprise version for free.

That's it for this post, I hope you like it, if you like share it with your friends, Classmates and if you have any recommendation please let us know in Comments.

Note: -

One thing to note here is during Add to Cart step it is necessary to use a VPN and connect that to USA Server, otherwise it will deny you, that you are not eligible for this offer.

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